We have published our Annual Report and Audited Financials 2023

15th June 2024


State Trading Organization plc (STO) was registered as a public company in August 2001 and 1,126,910 shares were issued. During the IPO in 2001, 2.44% of the shares were sold to general public with the state holding the rest. A second offering took place in 2003, increasing the public ownership at STO to 7.71%, and a third in 2009 further increased that figure to 16.46%. In 2010 the Government offered Provident Fund holders the option to use their savings to purchase state-owned share in public enterprises at a discount. Over 5000 additional state shares in STO were transferred to general public this way.





Shares of STO


STO shares can be traded both ways through the Maldives Stock Exchange (MSE). MSE can be reached via phone at (960) 330 7878 and via email at For more information about MSE please visit their website at


For further information on STO shares please contact the Company Secretariat via email at or phone at (960) 3344 383.

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Annual Report 2023

Published: 15 June 2023

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