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Maldives Structural Products Pvt Ltd

Established: 2000


Maldives Structural Products pvt ltd (MSP) is a joint venture company of State Trading Organization plc and Rainbow Enterprises pvt ltd, formed with the main objective of producing steel roofing products and related accessories and supply to the Maldives market at an affordable price. The Company is constantly working to reduce costs wherever possible, without compromising the quality, so that the consumers will get the best value for money. The raw materials used are Australian made BlueScope Steel Colorbond® and BlueScope Steel Zincalume® steel which are considered to be one of the best and hence MSP's roofing products are of world-class quality. For G.I roofing sheets Blue Scope Steel's Zinc-Hi-Ten® material is used.


Presently MSP rollforms two profiles of roofing sheets. They are MSP-SEADEK® and MSP-WAVEDEK®. MSP also supplies various roofing accessories such as gutters, cappings, flashings etc. At present, the two profiles widely marketed in Maldives are accepted by everyone as quality and affordable products. Some advantages of using MSP's roofing sheets are fast delivery time as well as the possibility of getting customized lengths, which will avoid unnecessary lapping and therefore reduce cost.

Board of Directors

Mohamed Ihsan Waheed


Ibrahim Rafeeq

Managing Director

Hawwa Zahira Saeed


Ibrahim Mirzaq


Abdul Majeed Mohamed


Mazin Ibrahim Rafeeq