Subsidiaries, Joint Ventures & Partnerships

STO Maldives (Singapore) Private Limited

Established: 1997

STO as a national leader in all of its key businesses, is looking to play a pivotal role in expanding homegrown businesses to the region and beyond.


Early in 1997, STO set its plans for international expansion in motion by opening the STO Maldives (Singapore) Private Limited in Singapore. 100% owned by the STO, the company will look beyond the Maldivian horizons, exploring the possibilities of sourcing goods in one's country and exporting them to another.


With the parent company's experience in international trading, optimism is high that the explorations will yield high success.


The STO Maldives in Singapore will also perform the dual role of acting as the co-ordinating office for foreign investors interested in forming a partnership with the STO for joint ventures in the Maldives.


The Maldives is in the throes of development - sustainable growth has been continuous in the past decade. Rapid steps forward have been made in infrastructure, telecommunications and transport. The people of the nation have been experiencing the advantages and reaping the benefits.


Maldives is posed on the threshold of the new millennium, looking forward to it with vigor and enthusiasm. Emboldened with successes of the past and empowered by hope for the future, the Maldives is optimistic in making further strides towards socio-economic development of the country.


In a setting as dynamic as this, STO is looking to build on its experience and strength to serve the country better in the future. The company is ready and geared to make optimum use of the opportunities on offer - STO is the legal choice and the ideal partner for any joint venture activity into the country.


STO, which has taken the lead and kept pace, is looking to play a vital and pivotal role in the nation's development.

Board of Directors

Mohamed Nizam


Mohamed Samah


Goh Kim Peng