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Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Ltd

Established: 1977

ishing has always been a part of the Maldivian lifestyle. In addition to being a primary food source, it was also the primary source of income for island communities. The practices of small-scale fishing - feed the family, then the community, and export the excess - personifies the elements of sustainable fisheries in the Maldives.

In 1977, the Government of Maldives, with a Japanese investment set up a cannery at Lh.Felivaru, adding commercial value to the daily catch. This began the first industrial scale value addition process in the Maldives fishing industry. To this day, canned tuna is popularly known as Felivaru Masdhalhu.

MIFCO aims to continually develop the Maldivian fisheries industry, supplying sustainable and responsible fishery products. The traditional fishing method is environmentally friendly and is a prestigious heritage passed down through generations. We will strive to benchmark Maldivian fishery products in the global market as the leader in sustainable fisheries.

Board of Directors

Ahmed Shifan

Chairman / Independent and Non-Executive

Ahmed Shamah Rasheed

CEO / Executive Director

Mohamed Nizam

Director / Independent and Non-Executive

Mariyam Nuzla

Director / Independent and Non-Executive

Ahmed Shahid

Director / Independent and Non-Executive

Ibrahim Izhaan

Deputy CEO / Executive Director