STO Staple Foods

Staple foods for everyone

National food security being a key purpose of STO since its inception in 1964, STO Staple Foods runs an important operation to safeguard a reliable supply of Rice, Flour and Sugar. Being an island nation heavily relying on imports, it is of utmost importance that the goods received are of good quality and stored the same. Our storage facility is well equipped and has the capacity of storing 9000MTs.


In our unwavering commitment of constant supply affordably, uniform pricing for Staple Foods was established in April 2019 for islanders. With the introduction of Kaadu agents across the nation, vulnerability of supply shortage has been significantly reduced ensuring better accessibility. The implementation of our online platform in 2020, enabled our customers to use the online portal to make secure purchases of Staple Food items from the comfort of their homelands.


We are focused in adding value to our customers through uninterrupted supply of good quality products and maintaining Food Security.



Address & Contact Info

Block No. 393, Handhuvaree Hingun, Maafannu, Malé 20393, Republic of Maldives

T: (960) 3012 412

M: (960) 7962 788


Business Hours

Saturday to Thursday

09:00 hrs to 15:00 hrs

Closed on Friday